Network for police monitoring – monitoring the popularity of solid oak flooring

On our first post on the latest home decoration and fashion trends, we want to talk about the rising popularity of solid oak flooring both in the work place and at home. Public places like police stations, pubs and hotels as well as private businesses are increasingly turning to the use of oak floors. This is in no small part due to the recent affordability of oak as a material, more and more wood is being reclaimed and recycled which has helped to drive down prices and make it an increasingly popular choice for use.

Monitoring Solid oak flooring in the workplace

monitoring solid oak flooring

There are a number of benefits to be gained from using solid oak flooring and oak floors in these types of places. As a wood, oak is extremely resistant to wear and tear that would normally effect other less resilient woods. Of course you have to monitor the oak wood and occasionally maintain it with some treatment but it really is a great hardwood to use for flooring.

Solid oak flooring in homes

As I mentioned earlier, oak beams are increasingly being recycled and this is especially true for the housing market. People can now go to reclamation yards and get these types of flooring incredibly cheaply to what the price would be to buy it brand new. Solid oak flooring has seen somewhat of a boom as people look to add a touch of class and a sense of tradition to a relatively new build home. The future looks very bright indeed for these types of wooden floors with industry experts predicting that their use will continue to grow.