Coys Auctions on Social Media

Coys Auctions on Social Media

If you are looking for that classic historic car then there is no better place to go to than the Coys Auctions. Collectors and enthusiastic world wide are forever using them to find the missing piece to their collection. However if a day trip to Blenheim Palace or the NEC Birmingham is out of the questions then don’t worry because Coys last month launched their first ever social media auction.

They sold an Aston Martin D85 through social media with the final bid for £825,000 which is a record breaking biggest ever purchase from an app. Coys had not done this before they normally rely on their housed auctions rooms and invite bidders to make their bids by telephone or on the internet if they are unable to attend on the day. However making this sale through a social media platform called Vero we are left wondering if this is the way for all future auctions taking the auction room to the international market.

The car sold was the old favourite of James Bond and was a 1964 silver grey model Aston Martin D85. Coys recognised that the car was in high demand with collectors and therefore wanted to make the auction open internationally. The car had been in storage for over 20 years and had been restored with much rebuilding including the engine being restored.

Coys Auctions

Coys Auctions use Apple Pay

Many of us use Apple Pay to make online purchases for anything from household products to books. However who would have thought of using Apple Pay to buy not only a car but a classic Aston Martin D85 would sound rather bizarre but that is exactly what Coys have done. Coys tapped into the Apple Pay portal to make the transaction and this has been recorded as the highest ever payment through the portal.

Coys Auctions prepared their market well as they announced the sale a month earlier at one of the biggest auctions in Paris putting the car on show at the event. Customers were aware of the social platform being used for the sale and also the payment methods. The buyer has remained anonymous but probably won’t be able to keep it secret for long when he or she starts driving it on the road as it really is an eye catcher.