How to buy at the Silverstone auctions

How to buy at the Silverstone auctions

If you are looking to go and bid and even buy at the Silverstone auctions then you will need to make sure that you have followed all the guidelines. You will first need to register with the auction and you get a form to do this from their website. You will be able to bid on lots by being at the auction yourself or you can do online bidding or telephone bidding. The latter procedures do take a bit longer to set up though as you will need to prove who you are by a passport or drivers licence and even a utility bill with you current address on. At registration, Silverstone will take your credit or debit card number.

On the day of the auction when you arrive you will register and then be given a number on a card so that you can hold up when submitting a bid. However if you chose to do the telephone bidding then you can contact Silverstone tell them the lot you wish to bid on and one of their representatives will ring you when the lot comes up so that you can be involved in the bidding live. In like manner if you are using the online bidding you will access it through the web portal at silverstone.

Getting it right at Silverstone Auctions.

One thing I would definitely recommend is that you inspect the vehicle before you even consider bidding. This is imperative as when you make a bit there is no warranty on the lot and all bids are final.


It is a really good idea to show up the day before and have a view of the vehicle and even to bring an expert or mechanic with you so that you can get it thoroughly inspected.

If you are successful and you make your purchase then you will find that the vehicle will not be released until the payment has gone through and all the necessary paperwork is signed. You can use debit or credit cards to make a payment but remember there is always a charge for purchasing with a credit card so this isn’t the best option. Silverstone Auctions will only accept cash up to the value of £5000 so it best to make sure that you have all the necessary funds set up and ready before the auction. You are allowed 24 hours to get the payment sorted however if it is not complete by then you will be charged storage fees by the auctions.